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Circular Line Station Y26 Development Project Investment Briefing to be Held on the 16th

Circular line north section construction contracting is scheduled for next year, and in order to promote regional business development and to provide impetus to investor solicitation tasks, Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) will hold the Station Y26 MRT Development Zone 4 Land Development Project Investment Briefing on November 16th to introduce base conditions and related investment regulations. Prior to November 30, DORTS will formally announce investor solicitation, and if the selection process goes smoothly, the contract is expected to be finalized with the optimal applicant by the end of October 2021. Domestic large-scale investment is anticipated from developers and investors in order to achieve the objective of winning for all-win goals for the government, investors, and general public. 
DORTS stated that the investment briefing for Circular line Station Y26 land development project is scheduled to be held on the 16th at 2:30pm in the DORTS Metro Link International Hall. With Colliers International Taiwan as the professional services consultant, the base conditions for this project, real estate market analysis, host organization requirements, product positioning suggestions, equity distribution simulation, and proposal for selection conditions will be explained, and an onsite Q&A will be arranged. The three selection stages are qualification standards, specification index, and price index, and willing participants are sincerely welcome to actively participate and provide valuable suggestions. 
DORTS explained that the base of Station Y26 is located on the northwest side of the intersection of Wenlin Rd. and Alley 421 Wenlin Rd. The base consists of two plots of land at No. 70 and No. 70-1, Subsection 2, Guanghua Rd., Shilin District. With a total area of 317.93 pings, the land use zoning is allocated as an MRT development zone, and the original land use was allocated as commercial No. 3 (it originally is designated as No. 3 and No. 3-1 residential areas). In the future it is planned to be developed into entrance/exit B and ventilation shaft Y facilities for the Circular line Station Y26 joint development building. The Shilin Branch of the Taipei City Revenue Service will be stationed in the lower levels of the development building.
DORTS also pointed out that Circular line north section Station Y26 development project is located at an essential location of Shilin District with mature commercial activities and living functionality, comprehensive transportation network, and diverse public transportation options. Furthermore, in addition to having abundant natural resources and public facilities, after Circular line north section is opened for operations, it will further improve traffic conditions in the area as well as promote commercial functions and residential development. 
DORTS explained that there is unlimited development potential on the periphery of this project, and in addition to the TOD joint development building on the west side of Shilin Station, in the future, under the continual impetus of the Shilin Regeneration Plan, local construction projects including Beitou Shilin Science Park, Taipei Performing Arts Center, and Jiantan Wetlands Park will commence one after another. In addition, commercial complex development projects such as Shinkong Textile Company Ltd. and Shilin Paper Factory will bring new momentum to the entire Shilin area.
MRT Circular line north & south sections were approved by the Executive Yuan on May 31, 2019. With a total length of 20.66 km and a total of 18 underground stations, contracts are expected to be issued next year (2021). A medium-capacity steel rail and steel wheel transport system will be adopted which is compatible with Circular line Phase I, and following the completion of construction, direct travel and transfer will be possible between the 11 stations on Circular line Phase I and the MRT, light rail, TRA, and THSR. Moreover, it will connect with the 13 radiating orbital lines, and in the future it also will connect with the planned Circular line east section to form a 49.2km Metropolitan Circular line.