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Comprehensive Promotion of MRT Wanda Line – Detailed Design Work for Phase II Construction has Commenced 

For the MRT Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin line, the Executive Yuan has approved the phased development of the entire line at once. The line passes through the jurisdiction of both Taipei City and New Taipei City, and in accordance with the Mass Transit Act, Taipei City Government is the competent authority for engineering construction and is responsible for planning, design, and construction of the entire line. Taipei DORTS stated that for overall construction of Wanda line Phase I, the current construction progress is approximately 40.8% in compliance with the construction schedule, and all of the 11.8 hectares of land for Jincheng Depot have been acquired. Related work for Wanda line Phase II is actively being promoted, and the contractors have already been selected for detailed design in accordance with the planned schedule. Furthermore, the construction will be contracted after the scheduled completion of the design work in early 2021.
Financial planning for Wanda line Phase II construction was approved by the Executive Yuan in October 2018, and tasks related to urban planning revisions were carried out early in accordance with the experience gained from Wanda line Phase I. Through the joint efforts of Taipei DORTS and New Taipei City Government, it was approved by the New Taipei City Urban Planning Commission and submitted to the City Planning Commission of the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior for review. The detailed design of Wanda line Phase II has been divided into two design contracts, and the vendor selection has been completed for both contracts. The design fees will amount to approximately NT$860 million with design tasks for the two projects commencing on July 11 and July 26 respectively. The construction work is scheduled to be carried out following the completion of the detailed designs in early 2021. In addition, in order to accomplish the objective of full-line system compatibility which facilitates taking one train to (directly) arrive at destinations, the EMS contract, which has been incorporated into the Wanda line Phase I system contract expansion clause, was awarded last year, and price negotiation with system contractor is currently underway.
DORTS explained that Wanda line Phase I construction stretches from Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Station to Jincheng Depot in Tucheng District, New Taipei City and is 9.5km in length with nine underground stations and one depot. The current construction progress is normal, and assembly of the first shield tunneling machine is currently underway at the construction site with construction expected to be completed in late 2025. Meanwhile, all of Phase II construction is located within New Taipei City and stretches from Station LG08 at Jincheng Rd., Tucheng District, to Huilong Station at Zhongzheng Rd., Xinzhuang District, and is a total length of 13.3km with two underground stations and eleven elevated stations; moreover, construction is expected to be completed in late 2028. After construction of the line has been completed, it will satisfy the requirements for travel between Tucheng, Banqiao, Shulin, and Xinzhuang districts, and there will be connecting transfers with the Xinzhuang, Tucheng, Xindian, and Xinyi lines. Furthermore, it will not only expand the MRT system’s scope of service but also bring the overall transportation benefits of the MRT into play.