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Mayor Ko Travels to Taichung MRT Beitun Depot to Gain an Understanding of the Electrical Multiple Unit Malfunction Situation

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je traveled to Taichung MRT Beitun Depot to gain an understanding of the electrical multiple unit (EMU) malfunction situation and made the requirement that the cause of the failure be identified to ensure operational safety.
Mayor Ko on December 6th conducted an evening on-site visit of Taichung MRT Beitun Depot and listened to a briefing to understand the investigation status of the EMU coupling failure; furthermore, he also inspected the faulty parts of the Taichung MRT EMUs. Mayor Ko stated: Taipei City DORTS First District Project Office (FDPO) will definitely urge the manufacturer (Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.) to find out the cause of the malfunction, improve countermeasures, and take full responsibility.

Taipei DORTS explained that Mayor Ko indicated the results of the investigative report on the manufacturer, and the public will be provided with a full explanation following a joint review with the Taichung City Transportation Bureau and Taichung Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (TMRT) to determine the cause of the failure. After the malfunction situation is confirmed and resolved, and investigation report results are issued, the opening time will be decided by Taichung City Government based on safety as the sole prerequisite, and there is no preset schedule.