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Groundbreaking Commences for City-owned Land Renewal Project -- Taipei City Government Again Demonstrates Outstanding Performance in Charge of Urban Renewal Project

Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) was commissioned to be in charge of the Urban Renewal Project of eight plots on land No. 580, Sub-section 4, Zhongshang Section, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, which is located between Zhongshan Station and Shuanglian Station on the Tamsui line. Groundbreaking commenced on August 18, and it is expected to be handed over in the first quarter of 2023. The project will significantly boost the development and prosperity as well as the economic development of Zhongshan District.
Taipei City DORTS explained that the project is planned to have a total of 43 reinforced concrete buildings with three underground levels and 15 above-ground levels. In cooperation with the existing MRT green corridor, a strip of open space will be left between 3 meters and 5.8 meters which will include a 2-meter-wide pedestrian walkway and a multi-level landscape which will alleviate pressure for open spaces in the community. Following the completion of the project, it will receive a Gold-level Green Building Certification and initiate urban regeneration opportunities; moreover, it will also be a significant indicator of overall development of Zhongshan District.
Taipei City DORTS stated that all plots of land for the project are owned by Taipei City Government, and are located at the intersection of Lane 44, Zhongshang N. Rd. and Lane 23, Nanjing W. Rd.; as the project is located near Zhongshan Fitness Center, it has perfect living functionality. The site covers an area of 1,233 square meters, and the buildings on the base were originally Japanese-style wooden houses on the first floor for over 40 years. The buildings were old and partially vacant and no longer in line with the state of development in the surrounding areas. In addition to affecting the overall urban landscape, it also impacted local environmental hygiene and disaster relief operation. In August 2018, the buildings were demolished in advance in cooperation with Taipei City Government’s green beautification policy. The right transfer of urban renewal planning was promulgated on April 23, 2019. After the redevelopment and utilization, it will create a significant indicator of urban development in Zhongshan District while improving environmental quality and renewing prosperity in the district.
Taipei City DORTS emphasized that Taipei City Government is continuing to renew the entire living structure in order to improve the quality of the living environment. Since DORTS has been commissioned to be in charge of city-owned land urban renewal projects, it has already publicly screened six renewal implementers in accordance with Urban Renewal Act, four of which have been renewed and rebuilt; one site is currently undergoing urban renewal review procedures. Accordingly, DORTS has successfully assisted in the revitalization of idle old households in the city and diversified the utilization of city assets. As the implementer of this project, PGCD (Chyang Sheng Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd), cooperating together with Taipei City Government, successfully commenced construction on August 18. DORTS will continue to supervise the implementation of the project, in anticipating that the project will be completed as scheduled and accelerate the promotion of urban activation and regeneration.