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Mayor Ko and Hou Co-presided over the Ground-breaking Ceremony for North Depot as Circular Line Phase II North Section Construction Commences

The Taipei MRT Circular line Phase II north section civil engineering has formally commenced. The ground-breaking ceremony for the first domestic MRT underground depot (North Depot on the Circular line) was held on March 3 at Sanchong Jixian Environmental Protection Park in Sanchong District, New Taipei City. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je and New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih co-presided over the ceremony and VIPs from different sectors were invited to pray together for the smooth implementation of the project. DORTS stated that the construction of North Depot will be completed at the end of 2028.
During his speech, Mayor Ko mentioned that in order to completely realize the vision of building a liveable and sustainable city, the Taipei City Government is actively promoting the Circular line to create an environment featuring green energy and carbon cut. Ko stated that the contracting and construction commencement of North Depot, following the commencement of the E&M system contract last September (2021), symbolizes that the Circular line Phase II is officially in full swing. The goal of constructing the complete network of Taipei MRT Circular line is once again moving forward.
Mayor Ko pointed out that the Circular line is one of the biggest construction projects in the upcoming ten years in the Taipei Metropolitan Area, and following the completion of construction of the entire loop, it will play an essential role to connect with all the other lines in the Taipei MRT network. Ko also said that after nine years the Taipei MRT network will reach a route of 210.4km with 182 stations. The Circular line route not only traverses 14 administrative districts in Taipei City and New Taipei City, connects in an orbit with 16 radiating lines, and reduces congestion in the stations on the radiating routes in the city center, but also links the following emerging major development plans: New Taipei City Knowledge Industrial Park, Beitou Shilin Technology Park, Taipei East Gateway Explanatory Plan, and Great Neihu Technology Park.
DORTS Second District Project Office (hereinafter as 2nd DPO), which is responsible for the construction, explained that North Depot is located at Sanchong Jixian Environmental Protection Park in Sanchong District, New Taipei City and is the first of the engineering constructions to be commenced on Circular line Phase II, covering an area of approximately 3.47 hectares. The 2nd DPO stated that as a fully-featured depot, North Depot is a three-story underground building and is the first domestic underground MRT depot of its kind. The depot has an administrative center, a BOCC, a main substation, and a maintenance workshop. Following the completion of construction, it will coordinate with previously-constructed South Depot (Shisizhang Station) to carry out train dispatching, maintenance, stabling, and monitoring. During the construction period, although Sanchong Jixian Environmental Protection Park will be fully excavated, the Ximei Main Drainage, which provides functions of landscape, green spaces, flood prevention, and aqua friendly recreation, will be preserved. When the construction is completed at the end of 2028, the ground of the construction site will be restored as a completely new environmental protection landscape park to provide the public with sports and relaxation spaces.
The 2nd DPO pointed out that Circular line Phase II is divided into seven engineering section contracts. This project, North Section Contract CF680C, was designed by CEDI Engineering Consultants Ltd. and contracted to Continental Engineering Co. The main scopes of this construction project include construction of the Circular line North Depot structure, North Section elevators/escalators, and the building management system for the entire Circular line.
The 2nd DPO stated that Circular line Phase II construction extends south and north from Circular line Phase I, which is already in operation. The south end (South Section) runs from Dapinglin Station through Wenshan District to Taipei Zoo Station for rendezvous transfer with the Wenhu line with a length of 5.73km and six underground stations. The north end (North Section) runs from New Taipei Industrial Park Station through Xinzhuang District, Wugu District, Luzhou District, Sanchong District, and Shilin District into Zhongshan District to connect with Wenhu line at Jiannan Rd. Station with a length of 14.93km and 12 underground stations.
The 2nd DPO further elaborated that following the completion of the south section and north section together with the planned east section it will form a complete Circular line loop. The full Circular line loop will be a medium-capacity driverless system with 14 transfer stations. In addition to connecting with all of the other Taipei MRT lines, there will also be direct transfers with TRA and THSR. At that time, the MRT transportation in Taipei City and New Taipei City will reach a new milestone of great accessibility in all directions.