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Implementation and Inheritance of Knowledge and Experiences: Taiwan’s First Series of Deluxe Edition MRT Technological Books to be Published

The engineering quality of the Taipei MRT has been recognized by Taiwanese society, and today’s accomplishments were achieved through more than 30 years of Taipei MRT construction. DORTS stated that as a benchmark for domestic MRT construction, DORTS has established a knowledge base to preserve the accumulated MRT technological skills and will continue to refine MRT construction technology through practical experience and learning. In order to pass on MRT knowledge and experience, DORTS will soon release a 30-volume series of deluxe MRT engineering books which will be a detailed record of the wisdom accumulated by DORTS through the process of promoting local engineering and construction. Furthermore, to celebrate the publication of this series, members of the public who participate in a series of events will have the opportunity to obtain a limited number of 3D MRT postcards.
To enable people from a variety of different walks of life to gain a better understanding of the construction history of MRT engineering projects, DORTS, in cooperation with the publication of this series of books, will simultaneously release four outstanding MRT construction videos. The dynamic videos together with the static imagery in the books will enable the public to have greater knowledge of the internal details of the MRT. DORTS stated that in celebration of the publication of this series, members of the public need only watch the videos and fill out a questionnaire, and they can participate in a lottery. The lottery prizes are a limited number of postcards which are exclusive gifts and not available for purchase elsewhere. For details about the event, please visit DORTS’ official website (https://www.dorts.gov.taipei/).
DORTS pointed out the publication of this series of books is Taiwan’s first complete literature of knowledge about MRT construction experience and technology, and it records knowledge gained by the MRT construction team over several decades. This series of books was written by the highly-experienced staff of DORTS, all of whom are senior colleagues who have actually participated in design and construction, published in succession from 2006 to 2016, where 60 volumes have been completed. DORTS stated that because technological methods change daily and considerable knowledge and experience has been accumulated over the years, the series of books that have been published in the past have been reassembled and compiled into 30 volumes for publication on this occasion.
DORTS further elaborated, stating that the set of deluxe edition MRT engineering books published on this occasion includes a 20-volume civil engineering series and a 10-volume mechanical and electrical series; furthermore, the content includes new norms, new construction methods, and new cases adopted at the time that the Xinyi line, Songshan line, Circular line, Taichung Green line and the Wanda line were constructed. DORTS stated that in addition to taking the years of experience and knowledge of professional and technical colleagues in a variety of fields and translating them into text, recently retired colleagues were also invited to serve as content reviewers for this series of books, and this approach represents inheritance and innovation.
DORTS stated that through sharing this series of books, sustainable operation and inheritance of the MRT system can be realized in order to implement the construction of a sustainable and liveable city. The Taipei MRT Technological Book Series are scheduled to be published in mid-August, and afterwards the series will be distributed to relevant libraries and domestic engineering units. Those who would like to get a glimpse of the mysteries of MRT engineering online can directly browse the e-bookcase on DORTS’ official website or read them on “HyRead”, an App from the Taipei Public Library.