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Limited Commemorative Gift Box for Opening of MRT Circular Line, EMU Picture Frame, EMU Key Ring--Join the Joint Development Housing Network as a Member before 6/30 for the Opportunity to Take Home a Prize

In order to attract people to join the MRT Joint Development Housing Network and promote and activate the Taipei City Joint Development Housing rental market, beginning today Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) has launched the “Join the Joint Development Housing Network Prize Drawing.” During the event period, people need only move their fingertips to join and become members and have the opportunity to enter a drawing for gifts such as a limited-edition EasyCard gift box commemorating the opening of the Circular line, an MRT EMU picture frame sets, an MRT EMU key ring, a fishing hat, and a Circular line EasyCard. Those who are interested in MRT joint development housing rental and sales need only to join the Joint Development Housing Network in order to browse houses online, receive bids, and submit bids, and DORTS will directly handle the opening operations for online bidding. Taipei City Government public real estate property open bidding and sale operations are not only friendly and convenient for residents but also efficient and transparent!
DORTS stated that in order to strengthen and effectively manage joint development housing operations and make joint development housing information transparent, in addition to on the official websites of the Executive Yuan’s Public Construction Commission and DORTS, DORTS also published information on housing rentals through the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government. In order to bring convenience to residents and increase service effectively, DORTS has established the Joint Development Housing Network; moreover, receiving bids, submitting bids, and the opening bids for joint development house bidding leasing operations can be directly handled online. Furthermore, leasing and land sale management information has been made completely electronic, and the public are welcome to enter and browse the MRT Joint Development Housing Network.
DORTS reminded the public that the prize drawing event is already coming to an end, and anyone who holds a national identity card during the event period (from now until June 30, 2020 at 12:00 pm) is only required to join the MRT Joint Development Housing Network as a member and fill in their relevant personal information in order to participate in the drawing. There is a wide variety of prizes, such as 30 limited-edition EasyCard gift boxes commemorating the opening of the Circular line, 30 EMU picture frame sets, 50 mugs commemorating the opening of the Circular line, 20 Circular line EasyCards, 20 fishing hats, and 20 EMU key rings. There is also a wide variety of great value discounts, and as long as you are a member, you will have the opportunity to take home a limited-edition EMU picture frame. Don’t miss this opportunity! For more related information, please visit the “MRT Joint Development Housing Network” (https://house.dorts.gov.taipei) to inquire. Following the closing of this event, a list of winners will be announced on the website on July 3.