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Color Hunting MRT: A Craze to Ride Circular Line and Snap for Fun

The “Color Hunting MRT” color image competition is being specially held in order to encourage the public to feel the color changes brought about by the yellow dragon-like Circular line. DORTS explained that from now until October 31 submissions to the competition can be made by merely riding on the MRT Circular line and taking photographic images of living circles along the line. The public is welcome to pick up their mobile phones and cameras to experience the fun of hunting colors together. For related event information, please check the links at the end of this article.
DORTS stated that after the rain a beautiful rainbow will cross the skyline, which is sure to attract you to stop and capture the beauty of the moment. If you have ridden on the Circular line, you surely could not have missed the 18-color check-in point, “Rainbow Bridge,” on the Xindian River. The rich and diverse colors of the Circular line as well as traveling through the stations and spatial locations along the line enable the daily travels or commutes to become a game of colors.
The Circular line is the first domestic MRT system for which elevated stacked stations and viaduct construction were utilized. The French architect Emmanuelle Moureax, who lives in Japan, planned the public art for the line, which passes through New Taipei City, with “color” as its theme. Emmanuelle Moureax has broken away from the small separate installation works which were scattered in the corners of various MRT platforms in the past, and instead utilized “color planning” as the base of the setup for the entire line, and this is the first time that this convention has been broken. The entire line is connected in a series with a public art design focusing on color elements.
DORTS elaborated stating that the public can truly feel the vibrant colors of the Circular line with different themes in a sequence stacked layer upon layer on elevated beams and columns, drainage pipes, sound insulation and interior decorations of EMUs, and platform gates of the entire line as well as on the Xindian Bridge, and the Dahan Bridge, and the colors are finally condensed into a stunning color matrix at Banqiao Station. Color runs through the interior and exterior of the Circular line to form a complete set of visual feasts.
DORTS also stated that the Circular line viaduct pier has undergone design from a “grey” Hulk which has shaken its body and changed into an urban check-in point. The placement of the colors shows the new style of New Taipei City, which is beautiful and fashionable and close to the people. In order to highlight the magic of the changing colors, DORTS is specially hosting the color image solicitation contest. In continuation of the innovative spirit of this public art “color planning,” everybody is invited to observe and feel the living environment that we are familiar with from a color point of view and experience the subtle changes that public art gives to the urban lifestyle.
DORTS emphasized that for the “Color Hunting MRT” image capture solicitation contest, the entry dates are from now until the 31st. Everyone is welcome to hop aboard the custard yellow EMU made by environmental color architect/artist EMMA and follow this golden flying dragon to travel around New Taipei City and take pictures of their favourite color images. DORTS stated that regardless of whether they fall in love with the rainbow bridge, which is a highlight of the landscape, of the soundproof wall, which looks like a white dragon, or the image of the train travelling between buildings like a dragon, the train windows will become the viewing window for our mobile phones/cameras, and you are invited to come hunting for colors together!
Let’s take kids out to ride the MRT in October! DORTS would like to encourage friends who are adults, children, elderly, and new to join in the grand event: take the Circular line, and don’t forget to pick up your mobile phone and look for colors up close! The discovery of the color changes of the landscape along the line and the urban space colors intertwined and flowing through windows, wind, and light will enable us to see the happy rainbows in your eyes.