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"Viewing Taipei MRT” Gives a Glimpse of Over 30 Years of MRT Construction

We are familiar with and proud of Taipei MRT which could be considered a high-profile major construction project in the history of domestic transportation, and it was built entirely by MRT employees working hand in hand from planning to construction. This complete and high-quality MRT construction route network has altered the appearance of Greater Taipei while simultaneously increasing humanistic literacy and showing the vitality of the city. Taipei MRT not only attracts people from home and abroad to travel around Taipei with ease, it has also become the pride of Taiwan.
However, have you ever considered how the team that supports the operation of the route network behind the MRT system, which is considered part of daily life in Taipei, has built this pride that belongs to Taipei? Taipei DORTS has launched a new video which will give you a glimpse of the development and achievements of MRT construction over the past 30 years.
DORTS stated that adhering to a belief in “safety, convenience, and high quality” for over 30 years, every construction project has been planned with the aim of creating a better living circle in Taipei. “Viewing Taipei MRT” guides the public to have a look at the special engineering techniques of MRT construction. For instance, the Double-O-Tube (DOT) shield-tunneling machine, which has ushered in a new era of cross-river engineering, can be used to dig two tunnels at a time in cross-river tunnel projects. Encountering challenges of narrow roads, MRT routes have been laid using stacked linear layouts along existing MRT routes. When new technology meets ancient culture, it is also possible for MRT construction to coexist with historic relics to achieve a win-win situation in order to create a safer and more convenient high-quality MRT system as well as to introduce a new-generation automatic fare-collection system and a medium-capacity transport system which utilizes driverless electric vehicles. From the station buildings to the exhibits in the stations and from installation art to interactive art, the MRT team has amazingly incorporated diverse Taipei culture and history and integrated them into our daily shuttling MRT system to create artistic living in urban Taipei.
DORTS stated that in order to pass on valuable MRT technology achievements, they have also transferred technology to Kaohsiung MRT, and constructed the underground Taipei City section of the International Airport MRT line and the Taichung MRT Wuri-Wenxin-Beitun line in order to make every effort for their experience to continue to take root. Furthermore, there are also other more exciting MRT construction bits and pieces waiting for you to discover.
DORTS also stated that the newly-released introductory film has been well received, and audiences with sharp ears were quite surprised to discover that the narration turned out to be the work of Doraemon's voice actress, Miss Chen Mei-zhen, who had provided them with constant companionship throughout their childhood years. Hurry up and watch the video (https://youtu.be/GO85MEQMKh0) and feel even more moved by Taipei MRT.