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Mayor Ko Wen-je Inspects Wanda Line 5-Star Depot with Objective of Conducting Track Tests in Depot in 2023

Mayor Ko Wen-je in the afternoon of December 22 inspected Wanda line Jincheng Depot construction, of which the current construction progress has reached 22%. After listening to the briefing, Mayor Ko expressed a high degree of affirmation of the MRT team's efforts to achieve both the land acquisition tasks and their hard work. During the land acquisition phase of Jincheng Depot numerous challenges and coordination interfaces have been encountered. Mayor Ko thanked the landowners and village residents for their support, and currently the basic construction has been completed. Excavation and structural construction are currently underway, and it is believed that the Wanda line Phase I construction will be completed in 2025 as scheduled. In addition, the detailed design of Phase II has also been completed, and construction contracts are expected to be issued early next year to bring about a more convenient, smooth and safe traffic environment to the citizens of Taipei City and New Taipei City Metropolitan Area as early as possible.
The Jincheng Depot site includes one depot and one underground station, Station LG08A (Juguang Station). The depot facilities include a train car storage depot, an administration center, a substation, and a sewage treatment plant, and it is equipped with five-star functionality for car storage, maintenance and repair, testing, and management of the entire Wanda line. A total of 36 electric trains can be parked in the depot, and it is sufficient to provide parking for 19 trains in the first phase and 16 trains in the second phase. Following the completion of construction, a new 20-meter-wide flat road will be opened on the surface ground, and a 6-meter-wide ring road will also be opened on the hillside area connecting Jincheng Rd. and Juguang Rd. 
Taipei City DORTS stated that the land above Jincheng Depot will be developed with the construction of a residential housing complex and commercial offices. At present, two 11-story commercial and office buildings are planned on the north side near Juguang Rd. as well as four buildings with 28-33 floors. On the south side near Jincheng Rd. is a residential complex consisting of four buildings with 30-36 floors. With a total development scale of approximately 87,627 pings, the estimated investment amount is about NT$22 billion.
Mayor Ko mentioned in his speech that following the planning and design of the MRT route network, the land acquisition operation schedule will be vital to the construction schedule. Wanda line will connect Taipei City with New Taipei City, and there is enormous demand for transportation along the route corridor. Jincheng Depot is located in a central location of Wanda line and is the sole depot for Wanda line Phase I and Phase II; moreover, it will shoulder the heavy responsibility of the operating scheduling requirements. With a base of 11.82 hectares wide, it traverses the following three administrative districts in New Taipei City: Banqiao, Zhonghe, and Tucheng. Furthermore, the land was originally agricultural areas, protected areas and industrial areas, 97% of which was private land consisting of 166 lots with the number of land owners amounting to up to 650. Beginning in 2017, the land was handed over one district at a time until the handovers were completed in May 2019. The case has the largest scale of land obtained for MRT use in recent years and the greatest complexity. 
Taipei City DORTS First District Project Office (FDPO), which is responsible for Jincheng Depot, explained that to date the foundation works such as foundation piles and diaphragm walls for Jincheng Depot have already been completed, and excavation and structural construction are currently underway. In order to accelerate the construction works, the electromechanical system was brought into the site in advance, and it will be divided into six major zones. A construction method of adjusting the retaining soil will be employed; moreover, the construction method will involve the integration of structural excavation. It will be possible to be carried out at six work areas simultaneously with the current objective of allowing the first electric train car to enter Jincheng Depot for on-track testing by the end of 2023. 
Juguang Station is located on the northwest side of Jincheng Depot. With a station length of approximately 233 meters and a station width of approximately 16 meters, it is a 2-level underground MRT station with a depth of approximately 15 meters. The station will be equipped with two entrances/exits and two ventilation shafts, and currently the main construction projects are the structural side wall and the cross-floor panel work.
Following the completion of Wanda line Phase I construction, in addition to expanding the scope of MRT system services and alleviating ground traffic in the Taipei Metropolitan Area, it will be able to meet the requirements of inter-regional travel between Zhongzheng, Wanhua, Yonghe, Zhonghe, and Tucheng districts. Furthermore, the intersecting transfers with Tamsui-Xinyi line, Songshan-Xindian line, and the Circular line will bring the overall transportation benefits of Taipei City and New Taipei City into full play. Moreover, in cooperation with MRT design planning, joint-developed land developments along the route will drive regeneration and urban development along the route. Furthermore, connecting with the West District Gateway Project will create an economic living circle of prosperity for Taipei City and New Taipei City. 
DORTS explained that MRT Wanda line will be implemented in two phases, and a medium-capacity MRT system with phased development will be adopted. Phase I construction will span a length of 9.5 km from Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station to Tucheng Jincheng Depot and will be constructed underground with a total of nine stations and one depot. The current construction progress is 51.34%. Phase I construction will span a length of 13.3 km from Jincheng Depot to Xinzhuang’s Huilong Station with 13 stations, including two underground stations and 11 elevated stations. Detailed design is currently underway with contract issuance and the commencement of construction expected to take place next year (2021).