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Taipei and Taichung Mayors Jointly Host the Unveiling Ceremony for Entrance/Exit Image of Taichung MRT Line Taichung HSR Station----Opening of Green Line Just Around the Corner

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je on August 28, 2020 accompanied Taipei DORTS Commissioner Chang Tzer-hsiung to Taichung MRT Wuri-Wenxin-Beitun line (Green line) to show their concern about the progress of the project, and together with Taichung City Mayor Lu Shiow-yen they jointly hosted the unveiling ceremony for entrance/exit image of Taichung HSR Station. In his speech, Mayor Ko Wen-je stated that the unveiling ceremony for entrance/exit image of Taichung HSR Station serves as an announcement that the opening of Taichung's new MRT for operations is eminent. At the same time, he thanked Taipei DORTS for living up to the mission of accomplishing the first MRT construction in central Taiwan and smoothly handing it over to Taichung Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (TMRT) to take over operations. The construction works of the project will be completed and operations will commence by the end of the year, opening up a new railway economy in Taichung.
Mayor Ko stated that through the assistance of Taichung City Government and over the course of 10 years, the joint construction of the entrance/exit and the land development for Taichung MRT Green line was completed in its entirety in late July of this year. Moreover, the preliminary inspection of the entire line was completed on the 7th of this month, and currently the improvements which were to have been made prior to the final inspection have also been completed. The request for final inspection which was submitted by Taichung City Government to MOTC is currently underway, and the opening of Taichung's first MRT line for operations is just on the horizon!
Taipei DORTS stated that Taichung HSR Station is an interchange station for Taichung MRT, Taiwan High Speed Rail and Taiwan Railways Administration, and DORTS and the construction companies have brought creative thinking into full play for the steel supports in front of the entrance/exit, which have been covered and beautified with extended ceilings. Furthermore, the image of the entrance/exit of the MRT station has been enhanced with the shape of an electric train to create a friendly transit environment. In addition to enabling passengers to identify the location of entrances and exits more clearly, it also makes transfers more efficient. Moreover, the construction company has also donated the Taichung mascot, the Leopard Cat Family, to participate in the grand event. This will make Taichung Green line more distinctive, and it is expected to become a hot spot in the future.
Taipei City DORTS elaborated saying that Taichung Green line construction is scheduled to be completed and commence operations at the end of the year, and despite encountering many engineering difficulties, during the construction process the DORTS colleagues stationed in Taichung drew from their many years of construction experience to overcome the difficulties one after another. Based on the experience of Taipei MRT, after commencing operations, in addition to increasing real estate value-added along the line, it will have the capacity to improve the traffic environment along the line. Moreover, it will connect the high speed rail station with sub-city center in Taichung City, which will not only provide convenient, comfortable, and safe transportation, but also promote prosperity in sub-city center and balance the development of urban districts while improving living quality and driving economic activity.
Taipei City DORTS explained that the construction of a medium-capacity system was employed for Taichung MRT Green line, and the construction ran from the terminal Beitun Station (Depot) to the Taichung HSR Station. With a total length of 16.71 km, an elevated construction mode was utilized to construct a total of 18 stations and one depot. The line includes 16 elevated stations and two ground-level stations and connects living circles from north to south in Greater Taichung passing through the following six administrative districts: Beitun District, North District, Xitun District, Nantun District, South District and Wuri District. Everybody is welcome to visit the Taipei City DORTS website (https://www.dorts.gov.taipei) to search for and browse information about the current status of MRT construction.