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Approved MRT Routes



Circular Line North Section & South Section(Circular Line Phase II)

The Circular line north section & south section is part of the Circular line and is regarded as Circular line Phase II. The plan for this part has been approved by the Executive Yuan on May 31, 2019. The south section is 5.73 km in length with six underground stations and the north section is 14.93 km in length with 12 underground stations and one depot.

Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin Line Phase I

The medium-capacity Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin line was approved by the Executive Yuan to be implemented in two phases. The Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin line Phase I starts at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station on the Xindian line, and then runs beneath Nanhai Road, Heping West Road, Xizang Road, and Wanda Road before crossing under the Xindian River to reach Baoshun Road and Baosheng Road in New Taipei City. It then runs along Zhongshan Road, Liancheng Road, and ends at Jincheng Road. A depot will be established in the agricultural zone on the north side of Jincheng Road along with a branch line station near Juguang Road. The route is 9.5 km long and includes nine underground stations and one depot.


Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin Line Phase II

The Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin line Phase II will continue along Jincheng Road, New Taipei City where Phase I ends, then switch to an elevated mode after passing Minde Road. It will cross over Chenglin Bridge, run along Zhonghua Road, Bade Street, and Daan Road then turn to Zhongzheng Road before ending at the Xinzhuang line's Huilong Station. The 13.3-km route will have two underground stations and 11 elevated stations.


Xinyi Eastern Extension

The extension is to be built underground from Xinyi line's original terminal station, Xiangshan Station, then run eastward along Xinyi Road 6th Section , Fude Street, and Zhongpo South Road before ending at Yucheng Park. There is one underground station and a tail track totaling 1.4 km in length.

Circular line east section(Circular Line Phase III)

A comprehensive planning report of the Circular line east section was approved by the Executive Yuan on March 29, 2023.

Stretching from the Circular line north section & south section, the eastern Taipei north-south MRT system (Circular line east section) will connect the Wenhu line, Songshan line, Bannan line and Xinyi line. It not only extends MRT services to the Wenshan area but also provides transfer services in order to construct a more complete MRT network, enhance the efficiency of mass transportation systems, and improve the traffic around the Neihu Science Park.

The Circular line east section is planned to stretch a total length of 13.25 km and have 10 underground stations and one depot.