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2020 Major Administrative Plans of Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems


Construct a world-class rapid transit systems.


Construct a high-quality and efficient rapid transit systems that facilitates easy travel in Taipei.

3.Major Administrative Plans

   (1) Continue conducting projects involving civil works, tracks, utilities and HVAC systems, executing design reviews of E&M systems and MRT development area land acquisition for the Wanda line Phase I and the Xinyi eastern extension.

   (2) Continue conducting projects involving the installation and testing of the equipment of E&M systems at Xinzhuang Depot on the Xinzhuang line; implementing mid-term improvement projects for the elevators and escalators in the entrances/exits of the initial network stations.

   (3) Continue implementing projects involving availability demonstration test of E&M systems, as well as acceptance of work for the Circular line Phase I.

   (4) Conducting urban planning revisions, land acquisition, and detailed design works for Wanda line Phase II and Circular line north section & south section; preparing E&M systems bidding for the Circular line north section & south section.

   (5) Conducting feasibility studies and central government reviews for approval, as well as follow-ups on comprehensive planning, the selection of technical services contractors for basic design, and the revision of urban planning for MRT facilities for the Circular line east section.

   (6) Continue implementing environmental impact statements and EPA reviews for approval, comprehensive planning for central review, and revision of urban planning for MRT facilities for the Minsheng-Xizhi line; implementing studies for the Shezi, Shilin, Beitou light rail transit network planning.

   (7) Conducting investor solicitation for MRT land development, Taipei Main Station District Parcels C1/D1 land development operations, city-owned land renewal projects (commissioned work), and property sales and rentals for municipal properties which are generated from MRT land development projects.

   (8) Continue conducting building permit application reviews and patrol operations along Taipei MRT routes in compliance with the “Building Permit Bans and Restrictions alongside MRT Facilities” regulations in order to ensure the safety of MRT facilities.

   (9) Continue conducting projects involving the integrated structure of MRT land development, and the installation and testing of E&M systems, as well as the preliminary and final inspections for the Taichung MRT Wuri-Wenxin-Beitun line.

   (10) Sustain quality management systems and strengthen inspections of the contractors' Quality Plan; utilize data analysis to promote management performance of material testing and verification as well as supplier quality assessments; implement strategic map operations; continue establishing and passing on MRT technical expertise, and expanding information services for MRT construction and land development.