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Wanda Line “Green, Rhythm” Public Art Open Solicitation Selection Results are Out / Second Solicitation Selection for Seating for the Entire Line to Be Held Soon

With a total cost of nearly NT$50 million, the election result of the Wanda line Phase I public art solicitation is out, and the list of the priority negotiator selections has been publicly announced on the DORTS website. DORTS stated that solicitations were made to select eight artworks, of which five works were granted priority negotiation rights and the rest three were remained vacant. The main content of the second solicitation selection includes seating for the entire line at a cost of NT$15 million, and the deadline for submissions is 5 PM on September 28. Furthermore, separate solicitations will be held for participatory planning of the entire line and the ventilation shaft X at Kalah Station.
Wanda line Phase I public artworks solicitation plan is being implemented by DORTS with the objective of soliciting foreign and domestic public artwork creations in order to install a total of eight selected solicited public artworks for participatory planning of the entire line and five stations. A total of 19 artworks entered the run off from the initial selection results, and among them is a shortlist of vacancies for participatory planning of the entire line. DORTS stated that at the final selection meetings on June 24 and 25, five works were selected for priority negotiation rights, and appraisals will be conducted for those with priority negotiation rights.
For the vacant portion, at a total cost of NT$15 million, the second solicitation for seating for the entire line will be held soon. The case is for seats at nine stations on the entire line of Wanda line Phase I, and a comprehensive umbrella concept is required for the design planning. Characteristics of sites on the entire line and artistic atmosphere will be reflected in the art installations with the objective of creating at least two seating components per station which are unique to the Wanda line. Furthermore, they are required to incorporate the “Green, Rhythm” theme of the entire line and present a series of works for the entire line with imagery between stations echoing and connecting with one another.

At 2 PM on July 28 at Conference Room 1 on the 9th floor at DORTS, DORTS will hold an explanatory seminar on the solicitations. Those interested in creating artistic seating at MRT stations are welcome at attend. For related information, please visit the Taipei City DORTS website.