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>>Introduction to the MRT Wanda line Phase I

>> Motion picture of LG01, LG02, LG03 stations on the Wanda line phase I

>> Motion picture of LG04 station on the Wanda line phase I

>> Motion picture of LG05 station on the Wanda line phase I

>> Motion picture of LG06, LG07, LG08 stations on the Wanda line phase I

>> Motion picture of LG08A station on the Wanda line phase I

   The MRT Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin line (Wanda line for short) starts from the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station and then runs westward along Nanhai Road and Xizang Road in Zhongzheng District, and Wanda Road in Wanhua District, Taipei City, Zhongshan Road, Liancheng Road in Zhonghe District, Jincheng Road in Tucheng District, and Shulin District, New Taipei City, and ends at Huilong Station on the Zhonghe-Xinlu line. This line has a route of 22.1km, including underground and elevated sections, and is built with 11 underground stations and 11 elevated stations (one depot included). In the future, through systems integration and IC cards integration, passengers riding on the Wanda line can transit to the in-service Xindian line, Circular line, Tucheng line, and Xinzhuang line, so as to improve the accessibility in Taipei City and New Taipei City for mutual prosperity and greater international competitiveness. 

    The entire Wanda line is themed as "Green.Rhythm". Thus, the MRT art of this project follows the theme, "Green.Rhythm". Under the main theme of "Green.Rhythm", each station on this line is assigned with a sub-theme that corresponds with the station design, for which one representative plant or a set of colors or shapes is selected for station design presentation. The design presentation is made visible at two sites at each station: glass railings that divide paid areas and free areas at the concourse level and artwork lightboxes at sidewalls along rails to enhance stations' identity and reflect on the art theme of the Wanda line. The representative plants for stations are as follows:


StationMetro art sub-themeRepresentative plantSymbolism
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station
Taipei Ukiyo-eCamphor treeCamphor factory
Taipei Botanical Garden Station
Taipei MemoryLotusTaipei Botanical Garden
Xiaan Station
Taipei LOHASYellow water lilyOld river course
Kalah Station
Kalah tempoFruit and veg
(Trackside walls: 3 treasures of Kalah)
Fruit and veg market/ image of local culture and landscape
Yonghe Yongping Elementary School Station
New lease of greeneryFishbone fernUnderground botanical garden
Zhonghe Station
Light & Rhyme:
Silhouette art
CamelliaFlower of New Taipei City
Liancheng Jinhe Station
Wind & shuttle:
Weave and thread
RamieTextile industry
Zhonghe Senior High School Station
Vine & Rise:
Tracks in green dield
Water cloverJisui Park
Jiashui Park
Juguang Station
Harmony & IntegrationMoutan peonyLand development
Thriving prosperity

Image of representative plants for each station in the Wanda line Phase I

Image of representative plants for each station in the Wanda line Phase I