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Wanda Line Phase I “Green・Rhythm” Public Artwork Planning Call for Submissions Commences: MRT Art Begins with You

Creating “Green・Rhythm” lifestyle on the Wanda line; MRT art begins with you! From today Taipei DORTS is hosting the “Wanda Line Phase I ‘Green・Rhythm’” public artwork calls for domestic and international project submissions. Submissions are being solicited for public artworks for seats on the entire line, participatory plans for the entire line, and artworks for five stations (in total, eight works will be selected). DORTS stated that a briefing will be held on the handling of the submissions on the March 29 at 14:00. Artists who have interests are welcome to participate and together create an important cultural sightseeing route with artistic and cultural characteristics in Taipei City and New Taipei City.


DORTS explained that the solicitation of submissions is open from March 18 until May 18 with unlimited qualifications for eligibility and number of submissions. For related information please consult the call for submissions documents or visit the Taipei DORTS website for inquiries.


DORTS explained that public art thematic structure for the entire line of Wanda line Phase I is “Green・Rhythm,” and for the solicitation plan this time a total of eight works will be selected, which will be respectively divided into seats for the entire line (NT$ 15 million), full-line participatory planning (NT$6 million), physical works (at three stations, totalling NT$23 million), and selected designs (three artworks totalling NT$2.8 million). Moreover, the selected designs will be constructed by constructors (three artworks at a total value of NT$2.8 million) with a total expenditure of NT$46.8 million. DORTS would like to sincerely invite parties from all walks to life to participate, and there are no limits on the qualifications or number of submissions. People from professional creators to amateurs can all join in creating art in this field specifically for the Wanda line.


The public art theme for the entire line of MRT Wanda line Phase I is “Green・Rhythm,” “Green” emphasizes that MRT construction will lead the Greater Taipei area to reduce carbon emissions and move towards becoming a green ecological city. “Rhythm” indicates that the areas where each station on the line is distributed include urban, waterfront, and hilly areas, and the rhythms of different natural and human environments are connected. Furthermore, the entire line reveals different urban melodies.


Taipei DORTS further elaborated that under the “Green・Rhythm” thematic structure, through the integrations of the architectural design of each station and according to geographical or human characteristics, “sub-themes” and “representative plants” have been developed for each station, creating a clear recognition for Wanda line. It is anticipated that through this solicitation, in addition to creating physical public art (LG01 Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station, LG06 Zhonghe Station, LG08A Juguang Station) and having the selected designs be included in the implementation of the construction contracts (LG04 Kalah Station, LG05 Yonghe Yongping Elementary School Station), the “Seats” and “Participatory Projects” will link nine stations together along the entire line. Through the integration of each station with the neighbouring cultural nodes and local residents, the true meaning of an ecological museum will be put into practice.


DORTS explained that MRT Wanda line construction is divided into two phases, and a medium-capacity MRT system construction will be employed with development in phases. Phase I construction runs from Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Station to Jincheng Depot in Tucheng. With a total length of 9.5 km, underground construction was employed to construct a total of nine stations and one depot. As of the end of February 2022, the overall construction progress was 60.54%. Phase II construction runs from Jincheng Depot and terminates at Xinzhuang Huilong Station. With a total length of 13.3km and 13 stations, it includes two underground stations and 11 elevated stations. Detailed design is currently underway, and contracts are expected to be awarded this year. Wanda line will offer mutual transfers between the existing Songshan-Xindian line, Circular line, Bannan line, and Xinlu line to reach Taipei City and New Taipei City in all directions with the objective of simultaneous development and common prosperity and enhancing the international competitiveness of Taipei Metropolitan Area.


DORTS pointed out that among the lines in the Taipei MRT system, the Wanda line Phase I is the route with the greatest density of cultural institutions, such as museums. In addition, it includes many historical buildings and layers of archaeological culture. Therefore, the design of MRT artwork on this section of Wanda line extends the functionality of MRT stations so that they are not just vehicles for moving traffic but also extensions of the psychological dimension of citizens’ living spaces and gates which connect the surrounding community environment with the cityscape.


DORTS will host a solicitation briefing on the March 29 at 14:00 in the 1st Conference Room on the 9th Floor of DORTS headquarter. Creators who have interests are welcome to participate to enable MRT Wanda line to begin connecting with your and my daily lives!