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What is the procedure for naming each station? (Others)

There are four principles for naming an MRT station:


1. The name of an existing district, street, or well-known area with local recognition, historical significance, or a local landmark adjacent to the MRT station may be adopted as the station name.


2. The object to be used for the name should be situated within a radius of 500 meters, and name of the nearest one is given top priority.


3. Each station name should be shorter than six Chinese characters.


4. No overlapping or similar MRT station name will be adopted; a transfer MRT station connecting more than two MRT lines will still only have one name.


To reflect the voice of the public, station names initially selected according to the above-mentioned principles shall be reviewed and chosen by a station-naming committee consisting of representatives from the Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, Department of Transportation, Department of Urban Development, and Department of Information and Tourism (or the Urban and Rural Development Bureau and the Tourism and Travel Bureau of New Taipei City), two experts in historical documents, as well as one local borough chief and one representative from the township office of the area where the station is located.


Finally, DORTS will submit the selected station name to the Taipei City Government. The name will be announced to the public after it has been approved.