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Department of Rapid Transit Systems


NO.TitlePublish Date
21In terms of the government's energy-conservation policy, what are the strategies for MRT route alignment.-and what norms are considered when setting the distance between MRT stations? (Planning)2017-04-19
22How do you decide which MRT system mode to adopt and what is the cruising speed of the adopted system? (Planning)2017-04-19
23What’s the planning for a multiple application smart card system for the future Taipei MRT automatic fare collection (AFC) system.2016-12-12
24What are the sources of construction funds for the MRT system? 2016-12-12
25What are the planning principles for intermodal transfers at MRT stations? (Planning)2016-12-12
26What percentage of the population travels by public transportation every day in Taipei? What are the future targets? (Planning)2016-12-12
27What measures do you take to maintain traffic flow during MRT construction? (Planning)2016-12-12
28What are the principles for MRT route alignment? (Planning)2016-12-12
29Will the Xiaobitan branch line be merged into the operation of the Green line?(Planning)2014-04-24
30What is the difference between "transfers made on the opposite side of the platform" and "transfers made by going up or down a level or floor"?(Planning)2014-04-24
31What is the L-shaped network? What benefits does it bring to passengers?(Planning)2014-04-24
32Why can’t trains operating the overlap section between Songshan Station and Taipower Building Station be extended to Gongguan Station or Jingmei Station?(Planning)2014-04-24
33What are the design principles of the emergency power supply system for the Taipei MRT medium-capacity transit system?(E&M Systems)2013-07-26
34What is the power supply system of the Taipei MRT high-capacity transit system?(E&M Systems)2013-07-26
35How are the funds needed for MRT construction appropriated? Are private investors engaged in the project? (Others)2011-08-11
36What are the features of the driver-operated and driver-less MRT systems and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each system? (E&M Systems)2011-08-10
37Why were screen doors installed on some platforms? (E&M Systems)2011-08-10
38What principles apply to entrance and ventilation shaft planning on the Taipei MRT? (Civil Works)2011-08-09
39What are the considerations for MRT public art installations? (Civil Works)2011-08-09
40What are your flood-prevention criteria? (Civil Works)2011-08-09